Video Marketing-How To Add Video To Your Pages

By now you have probably heard it a million times, video marketing video marketingis the wave of the future. If you are online you should be making some type of videos. You can give tips, talk about your business, tell a funny story, do a Q & A on your products or business, or even teach something. No matter where you are in marketing it is likely that you have something to offer. For every experienced marketer there are many more just starting out every day. Video Marketing will get you more exposure because people love video.


Video marketing provides the vehicle to get your message out there.

A lot of you may not believe you have anything to teach a new person but you do. There was a time when you were brand new. You did not know how to blog, or post images, or write content and maybe you are still learning. There are plenty of people just starting in their business that don’t know how to copy and paste. If you are excited about your products, talk about them. If you have results from your weight loss shakes or you learned something from another marketer and you found value in it, it is likely someone else will as well. Get on a video and tell people that you just heard about an awesome way to do something that you did not know how to do before, then show them how to do it in your video.

So once you shoot your video you need an easy way to add video to your pages? Here is a short video that helps you do just that. You will learn how to not only add video but utilize some basic customization features that Youtube offers. This video is a great example of something that a more experienced marketer already knows but it will bring value to someone who is just starting out.



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