Success Means Getting Engaged


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No, I am not talking about getting married unless it’s to your business. The level of success you will see in your home-based business is usually directly reflective of the amount of engagement you have with your company and your team members.

It is extremely important that you are active in as many team and company meetings, groups, and chats as you can be. This is where you learn about your products, services, and marketing, are able to ask questions, hear what others on your team are doing that is working and what is not.

Helping others

You can also help others with your own experiences in things like your own marketing efforts, product and service testimonials. If you have training videos and documents, use them. Make sure to complete all suggested training videos, classes, and other material because these are here to help you succeed. If you try to go it alone or are too afraid to speak and engage with your team, you are likely to lose interest and drop out.

success in teams

No one wants that. We want you to succeed just as much as we want to succeed. You need to work with your sponsor and team members on a plan to create and meet the goals that will bring you success.


In order to keep your enthusiasm up, you have to keep reminding yourself of why you joined your company in the first place and you have to “Plug In”. When you plug into your company and your other teammates, there is an amazing momentum that is created and if you continue to plug in you and your team can ride that enthusiasm and momentum to success.

This is the reason why an accountability partner or group is a great idea. Each person is there to help motivate the others and make sure we are all being accountable for our own success by taking the necessary actions and steps to succeed.

Give it your all

success with momentumSo the moral of this story is…. If you want to be successful plug in, talk to your sponsor, and take the training. Engage in the chats, groups and team meetings, push yourself, write your goals, read your goals and make new ones as you complete the old. You can be successful at anything you choose to do. Build that momentum and give it 100%.




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