Social Media Marketing-The 5 Stages As A Newby

There are really more than 5 stages of social media marketing and every one is different, but I wanted to get down to basics, and what I am actually talking about is more about a mindset and the stages many of us go through as we grow.

social media marketing focusSome people skip the stages completely some people come in at different stages and skip others. Now there are also those who just have it down from the get go and others that try to spam their way through and wonder why nothing is working. This is for the average Joe and will probably be where most of us fit in. Even if you have been marketing for some time, you probably passed through these stages at one time.

1.  STAGE 1

This is the stage where you have started a business, you have no idea what to do and so you waste a whole lot of time doing busy work. Preparing, planning and getting posts ready. They are telling to talk to people but you are mostly getting distracted by other people’s posts. You may make a comment here and there and get into a chat with a few people which usually ends up dropping off because your not sure what to say to make the conversation flow. The day seems to fly by.


Your getting better, posting better content to your pages. Posting ads to some of the groups and then you wait. You get some responses and you reply. Still a lot of busy work. Action but definitely not massive action. You’re still using mainly the chat to talk to prospects. You step up your actions, but the results are still poor. You are starting to understand social media marketing better. You also realize your friends list is your main audience and yours if looking a bit thin so you start to add more friends.

social media marketing


Your friends list is growing nicely and you know that you need to start building a rapport with people but until now you have not really done much of it due to fear. So you start to push yourself and you start talking to a few more people that you have never talked to before. Posting more comments on their posts. Getting a bit more active in the groups.  Things are coming together you start thinking about this FB live stuff. You are beginning to understand what massive action really means but probably still not doing it. You begin to utilize FB voice recorder and FB calls to talk to prospects. It’s getting easier though.


You start to get really active and you actually start to have fun talking to people. People are actively liking and commenting on your posts now. You don’t worry so much about those that respond negatively and it rarely happens anyways. Your friends list and therefore, your audience, is growing nicely. More people are asking about your business and group ads. You are posting helpful videos and things to help others who also market online or tips about how to navigate around the platform. You are now helping other people who are where you were at Stage 1.

social media marketing


People see you as a leader. They are asking for help in areas you seem knowledgeable in. They are also asking what you do without being prompted by an ad. You’re building your team and teaching them to do what you are doing. Now you are proactive, not just reactive. You keep up the pace but tweak it as you see fit and notice you now have even more free time than when you were less productive. You have a system and it’s working! You are a social media marketing master!

I would suggest is that you try to skip past Stage 1 and start working at Stage 2. Adding friends, chatting and posting better content. The most important thing is to be consistent in your efforts and actions. Be honest with yourself about how much work you really are doing. Find an accountability partner so that you both can encourage each other into action. The key to social media marketing is in the name be “social”.

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