SEO-Search Engine Optimization


soo whatSearch engine optimization. Is simply that, optimizing your sites for the search engines. So that when people search for something related to any of your offerings, you show up on the search engines for the keyword that was searched.

You want to make sure that your site is optimized and your articles and blog posts, if you have a blog, which you should, needs to be optimized.  You want to use keywords on your sites and posts. Choose 1 keyword/phrase per post/page and then also use alternate words and phrases for the same keyword.

In other words if you keyword phrase is weight loss products, also use diet or diets and phrases like losing weight in your page or post. I want to stop there for a minute though, because first off, if you do offer weight loss products, I do not actually think I would use that keyword right away until you have ranked your site for other keywords first as it is a very, very hard keyword phrase to rank for and so is diet and probably diets as well.

Make sure you have a really good keyword tool that will show you how many people are searching for the keywords you have chosen and are interested in using, as well as, your competition and alternate keywords and phrases that will be easier to rank for first. Go with those.

You can use keyword tools like Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner that are free or low-cost or you can use a more expensive tool.

If you are brand spanking new with a brand new website, the chances of you ranking for weight loss are, well, there aren’t any. If you write really well and have a blog, you have a better shot if people are able to find your site and you build up a following but most have to work hard at it.

So figure out what you want to promote, if you haven’t already, do a little research, learn all you can on the subject of SEO and start promoting your sites. Use social networking sites to help promote as well. These can be a very effective tool to get visitors to your site, which is something else that helps in ranking in the search engines at higher levels.

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