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Would your files and pictures survive a computer disaster?

Online back up softwareCreating websites and pages for your business is important, but once you have created your web site make sure you have a back up plan. You need to make sure you back up your work. It’s not just your work that you need to back up, you have a lot of personal files, folders and pictures.

What if you were to lose it all? Do you have a back up and recovery plan?

Your PC back up is not enough! I had a friend who lost everything when his computer died on him a few years ago. He lost all his pictues, his files, his programs everything. He learned his lesson then.

Online storageHe immediately bought Carbonite and has everything at the tip of his fingers should that happen again. Not only that, but when he bought a new computer recently he was actually able to download everything he had on his previous computer and it was so simple. He never has to worry again. Don’t let that happen to you!

Cloud storage from Carbonate is extremely affordable and they have a plan that is right for you.

Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!
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