Marketing Tools

Everyone needs marketing and other types of tools to help promote their business. There is no shortage of tools but a lot of them cost a pretty penny. Many of those tools are worth every cent too but sometimes, especially when you are starting out, you don’t need the fanciest tools with all the advanced options. There are plenty of free tools as well but which ones really work well? Also, a lot of free tools include things like water marks on your images, nobody wants that!

I have put together a few of my favorites below. They are all free, all cool and they work for most projects.

Photoscape (My favorite!!!)

Photoscape is an extremely easy to use image editor. You can do all the basics like crop, cut and paste, add frames and borders and resize but you can also make animated gifs, combine photos for banners including animated banners,screen capture and create a collage. It obviously does not have all the features of photoshop but for ads, memes, quote pictures etc. this is perfect! NOTE: Do not click on the green download buttons on this page, instead go to the tab that says “Download” then click only on one of the 3 options on the left. The other links are Google ads links and probably is why they can make it free for you but it will not give you the software. By the way I have Photoshop but use this way more due to how easy it is to use.


┬áJing is a cool little tool that sits on your window where ever you want until you use it. and you can use it to take cut or crop images right off of any internet site. I don’t use it for my websites, because you can’t just grab any image off the internet and use it on sites you will be profiting from, but I do use them for Facebook and other social media sites. You cannot get any easier than this. It also have a basic image editor for the pics you use but I use Photoscape for that type of photo editing.

Aspect Ratio

When you want to resize an image height (or width) and know how tall you want it but not how wide to make sure it does not create an out of whack image, this tool will show you the size number to keep it in proportion. You enter the original image height and width, then enter either the height or width you want it to be and it will automatically fill in the other size number.

Image Compressor

When you check your webpages and they take a long time to load it is often because your images are so large.You can at least fix that problem by using an image compressor. This is a pretty cool little tool that is also free. You drag your image into the available box and then you can download the new image that is a much more website friendly. Your page will load faster and Google really likes that because a fast loading page is user friendly and that is good for ranking.



This is an awesome tool that allows you to use your webcam or screen cast for your business. So if you want to do a training you can use the free tool to create up to 15 minute recordings. This is great for beginners and if you decide to go pro it is only $15 annually so you can make longer recordings.

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