Keywords are still important to your online marketing campaigns. I do see online where many believe SEO is dead. However, just because many of the SEO tactics that used to work no longer do, it does not mean you should completely ignore some of the great ideas and tools that came from it. People Keywordsare still searching by using keywords so keywords are still going to be valid.

Many site builders pay a lot of attention to creating their site, but tend to guess when it comes to finding the keywords to build these things around. Keywords still help to categorize your site for the search engines.

If you think of internet keywords that you want to write about, you must take the time to do a little research as to whether or not those keywords are actually keywords that a potential customer is searching for as well as what your competition will be. You need both pieces of information before you decide on a keyword.

How do you find out how many people are actually searching your keywords? There are many keyword tools available on the net both paid and free with varying degrees of information they share with you about the customer, Google and other search sites. Find one that works for you. I use the Jaaxy keyword tool. You can sign up for a free trial to test drive.

How do you find out what your competition is for your most searched keywords?

Wordtracker has been around for a long time and is a great option for checking keywords. You can try it free for 7 days.

You can also use the Jaaxy tool intermediate level (one of the paid options) to search keywords. You can also use Google keyword planner, but you will find that it is targeted around PPC not organic search results. However, it will still give you a good idea. When using the keyword planner, it is much more accurate to use quotations around your keywords or phrase when searching.

This lets Google and other search sites know that you basically want an exact match. If you do not use quotations, you will get results for a combination of your keywords and phrases. So if your keyword was SEO tools, for instance, without the quotations you will get results for SEO tools, SEO and tools. You want the most searched keywords with the least competition. It does not hurt to use more than 1 keyword tool.

Try to keep your competition low, When you search keywords try to stay under 50,000 with quotations, and your number of searches for your keywords as high as possible. Pay attention to how the keyword tool you use reports the number of searches for keywords. Wordtracker uses a daily estimate. Google is monthly. Do not get these two confused.

I have known people who had themselves all turned around and they were thinking that the page results in Google on the search engine was actually the number of people searching for that keyword or phrase. No this is a list of web pages they return for the search that have those terms on their sites and in their titles and meta-tags and urls.



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