How To Get Customers

How To Get New Customers

One of the main questions you may have when you start your home based business is how can I get new customers? There are many ways to get customers for your business and I suggest not just using one but using them all. No matter who you are or what you do, in fact, this is a question most independent entrepreneurs have because without customers you have no to get customers

No Experience… No Problem

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have experience in building a business or at least they think they don’t. You may not realize it, but you are always selling and often team building. You can apply these tactics to customer building as well. You may be a bit confused but no matter what you are doing you are always selling. when you recommend a movie, a restaurant, when you talk about your political views or meet new people, you are always selling your ideas, your beliefs, and even your friendship.

If you are looking at how to get new customers, the same goes for business. So make sure you are showing yourself in your best light. Especially on social media. You can find some tips here that will help with information on a better way to present yourself on social media so that you can build friends and business relationships without scaring people away.

Here is a list of some ways to promote your business and build your customer base. This also works to build your team members.

How To Get Customers Offline

  1. Business cards- business cards are a great way to get new customers. You can hand these out to the bank teller, leave it with your waiter/waitress with a tip, fast food drive thru lines, your doctor’s office, dentist’s office, grocery store clerk. Many businesses will also let How to get customersyou keep a card holder with these cards in their stores.
  2. Bulletin boards
  3. Order the free brochures offered by many of the vendors and put these in the magazines at your doctor’s office. You can also mail these out to friends and family
  4. Speaking of friends and family, make sure to tell them that you are a travel agent and let them know to contact you for any travel needs.
  5. You can place ads in newspapers, community and school newsletters etc.

How To Get Customers Online

  1. Social media, this is my favorite. You can get my social media guide at This guide gives you tools and tips to build a rapport with people and how to start up conversations.
  2. Be sure to add friends every day. Between 10-20 a day.How to get customers
  3. Group posts- These are useful but you generally won’t see massive results, they are mainly a way to get the word out and when you post to groups your friends and family will also see your posts.
  4. Engage in friendly conversation with each news person you have added.
  5. Make a Facebook fan/business page and connect it to your main profile
  6. Facebook and Twitter ads. You can actually create Facebook ads for a set amount a month. Starting at $35.00 USD
  7. Utilize multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, IBOtoolsbox, and Instagram,
  8. Online classifieds
  9. Create blog about your products and services then post it on all your social media sites and pages

Massive Action

The most important thing to remember is that it takes massive action so be careful with online distractions. Do not allow yourself to become distracted. Treat your business as you would your job. Try to have set work hours to avoid burn out. I cannot stress “massive action” enough.

If you think you are working hard enough the chances are good that you are not, so keep a journal to list your goals for the day, for the week, for the month and for the year. Look at them every day!. You will get a lot more done when you are working from a list that you can check off. This will often show you how much time you have been wasting. Lastly, remember that what you’re “selling” is you even when your goal is to sell a product or service. They can buy it from anyone so why should they choose you?

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