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An autoresponder is a computer program that you set up to automatically answer e-mail sent to it. Autoresponders can be very simple or complex. I like simple with a lot of flexibility and functionality.With a good email marketing program you can set up your autoresponder to send daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters.

You need to make sure your sending good solid information and not just sending out advertisements for your business or program unless the sign up is actually for promotions and specials your company offers but even then, if there is no real value to the customer they will unsubscribe or block you.

Some email marketing services and programs allow you to create emails straight from your most recent blog posts. Your email marketing software should be able to easily integrate with 3rd party applications. Your internet marketing email software should have good reputation, an excellent deliverability rate, and good customer support.



GetResponse is an excellent email marketing program. GetResponse’s email marketing software provides all of the above and more. They also have a blog with information on the dos and don’ts for your internet marketing and email marketing campaigns.

Plus they recently created a whole set of training courses to help you get the best response rate! With GetResponse you have instant access to all these tools and tips at your fingertips.

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