Building Momentum- Getting Your Momentum Back

When you first begin your business you are full of optimistic potential, momentum is high. Building momentum comes pretty easily, it’s really just there. That energy is created naturally with your enthusiasm. It’s new, it’s exciting. The potential seems limitless. So you are doing the deeds, working hard, prospecting, talking to people and getting them excited.

raising your momentum

As time goes on you can lose that momentum. You can begin to lose that excitement and eventually you may lose interest. There are many reasons that can happen, team members change, company changes, and especially personal issues and family problems.

Loss in momentum happens to most everyone at some point or even multiple points in their business but getting it back is the key.

Raising the momentum in your business will have a major effect on how well you do. Keeping the momentum up is even more important, but if you have lost momentum you can get it back. Momentum is created with energy

The easiest way to get back your momentum is to take action and lots of it. Taking action starts to create enthusiasm, first in you, then it will spread to those around you. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Create enthusiasm in yourself and it will rub off on those you talk to. If you are having trouble doing that. Go back and ask yourself the following questions.

1. Why did you start your business?

2. What goals did you want to accomplish?

3. Is it still possible to achieve these goals?

The answer is likely to be yes to all these questions.

So what has really changed? Not the business, not the opportunity, definitely not the potential. What has changed is your perspective. A really great way to get your perspective back in line and to build up your enthusiasm is to read books that help create excitement for what you are trying to accomplish. There are so many. A few of my favorites including some that are downloadable can be found at

You can also watch videos specifically created to help you build your business. When you watch these videos they give you back that sense of “I can do this” They show you people who have done it. People like Anthony Robbins, Eric Worre, Bob Proctor, and many othersBuilding momentum have many videos on Youtube. They’re free and they are a great way to start to get your enthusiasm back.

These books and motivational videos can help get you in the proper mindset. Bring your vision back into perspective. So that you can get to building momentum for your business again. They show you ordinary people just like you, doing extraordinary things. This is not a false sense of power. The power is real. The power is in you. You just have to do things that remind you of that each and every day. It may be a bit hard at first but keep it up every day. If you have others that will join you in building momentum, even better. Teamwork really can make the dream work. When you are accountable to each other and you are each committed success is almost guaranteed.

Keep building your own inner momentum and you will start to see it in others. Other people will start to feel that momentum. Feel the power and you will see the results in your business and in the businesses of those you are working with. Action begets enthusiasm, enthusiasm is contagious and this a creates momentum, the kind of momentum that you can ride all the way to the bank.

Building Momentum in your business takes time and effort but success always does.

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