What are you willing to do to change your current circumstances?

Are you in a job you don’t like? Working with people you would rather not know? Don’t feel bad we don’t mesh with everyone. It’s natural and it’s one of the things that highlights our differences but do you have to stay there?

The answer is no, at least not long term unless you have another way to sustain your current lifestyle and needs. You do have a choice. You can work from home, doing something you are passionate about.

It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. It takes consistency and most of all self-discipline. When at work you have deadlines and quotas and often people looking over your shoulder.

The key is to have a plan of action, EVERY DAY, and stick to it. No matter how easy it is to get distracted. Don’t. Write it down and do it.

There are so many work from home opportunities today. You have vitamins, shakes, wraps, trading, marketing tools, coffee and my absolute favorite, travel. That’s my gig.

You have no excuse to make it work. While some say they don’t have the time, there are single moms with multiple kids and full-time jobs making it and breaking through it!

I really like social media. You do have to step out of your comfort zone. You do have to talk to people but it is not as hard as you think once you do it. The thing to remember is that these are just people. They have no authority over you and if you mess up on the first ones, delete them from your friends list. Just kidding, but not really.

Be genuine, be you. Make sure that you are there to help others. Anyone who says they don’t care about the money is not being honest but putting others first will lead to more


Who’s Your Mentor?


If you are in a home based business, you need to make sure you are constantly learning and applying. No matter what your experience level. You need someone or several someones to keep you motivated and on track.

Who are your inspirational models? Who do you look up to? Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins? These are all fantastic mentors. There are plenty of lesser known mentors that you probably follow as well. Do you try to listen to them daily?

Even mentors have their mentors and they make sure to keep the messages fresh in their minds.  Anthony Robbins first mentor was actually Jim Rohn.  Jim Rohn’s mentor was Earl Shoaff and Napoleon Hill’s mentor was Andrew Carnegie.  All great men that followed other great and successful role models.

You don’t have to do this everyday. Everyone is different and you know what works for you. Just make sure that you are constantly watching or listening to something that helps to keep you focused and motivated.

It is very easy to become distracted by life in general and before you know it, you are not doing what you need to do to promote your business.  Keep yourself motivated, keep yourself on track, choose your mentors then watch or listen to them as often as you can.

Collaborate with people in the business you are in and remember you can also learn a lot from those that are in similar but different types of businesses as well.

Remember that self-discipline is required to run a business and it starts with making sure that you are learning from successful people past and present.