How To Get Customers

How To Get New Customers

One of the main questions you may have when you start your home based business is how can I get new customers? There are many ways to get customers for your business and I suggest not just using one but using them all. No matter who you are or what you do, in fact, this is a question most independent entrepreneurs have because without customers you have no to get customers

No Experience… No Problem

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have experience in building a business or at least they think they don’t. You may not realize it, but you are always selling and often team building. You can apply these tactics to customer building as well. You may be a bit confused but no matter what you are doing you are always selling. when you recommend a movie, a restaurant, when you talk about your political views or meet new people, you are always selling your ideas, your beliefs, and even your friendship.

If you are looking at how to get new customers, the same goes for business. So make sure you are showing yourself in your best light. Especially on social media. You can find some tips here that will help with information on a better way to present yourself on social media so that you can build friends and business relationships without scaring people away.

Here is a list of some ways to promote your business and build your customer base. This also works to build your team members.

How To Get Customers Offline

  1. Business cards- business cards are a great way to get new customers. You can hand these out to the bank teller, leave it with your waiter/waitress with a tip, fast food drive thru lines, your doctor’s office, dentist’s office, grocery store clerk. Many businesses will also let How to get customersyou keep a card holder with these cards in their stores.
  2. Bulletin boards
  3. Order the free brochures offered by many of the vendors and put these in the magazines at your doctor’s office. You can also mail these out to friends and family
  4. Speaking of friends and family, make sure to tell them that you are a travel agent and let them know to contact you for any travel needs.
  5. You can place ads in newspapers, community and school newsletters etc.

How To Get Customers Online

  1. Social media, this is my favorite. You can get my social media guide at This guide gives you tools and tips to build a rapport with people and how to start up conversations.
  2. Be sure to add friends every day. Between 10-20 a day.How to get customers
  3. Group posts- These are useful but you generally won’t see massive results, they are mainly a way to get the word out and when you post to groups your friends and family will also see your posts.
  4. Engage in friendly conversation with each news person you have added.
  5. Make a Facebook fan/business page and connect it to your main profile
  6. Facebook and Twitter ads. You can actually create Facebook ads for a set amount a month. Starting at $35.00 USD
  7. Utilize multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, IBOtoolsbox, and Instagram,
  8. Online classifieds
  9. Create blog about your products and services then post it on all your social media sites and pages

Massive Action

The most important thing to remember is that it takes massive action so be careful with online distractions. Do not allow yourself to become distracted. Treat your business as you would your job. Try to have set work hours to avoid burn out. I cannot stress “massive action” enough.

If you think you are working hard enough the chances are good that you are not, so keep a journal to list your goals for the day, for the week, for the month and for the year. Look at them every day!. You will get a lot more done when you are working from a list that you can check off. This will often show you how much time you have been wasting. Lastly, remember that what you’re “selling” is you even when your goal is to sell a product or service. They can buy it from anyone so why should they choose you?

Top 10 Tips For Your Work At Home Entrepreneurs

There are so many simple ideas about how you do your business that can actually help you grow. Below you will find some really awesome tips to use when building your online business. Check them out and make sure you are doing each one that applies today!

1. Make sure you have a good work environment. You can’t always get away from those little distractions and you may not want to because some of those little guys are why you are working at home in the first place but do your best to create a space around you that lets you focus and work with the least amount of distractions.

2. Dress the part.  You don’t have to get too fancy but when you dress as a professional you feel like a professional.

3. Brand yourself.  Don’t underestimate the importance of branding yourself rather than your company. The truth is people are likely buying what you are selling anyhow. So the only thing you need to do is let them know why they should buy it from you. Make yourself an “expert” in your field. Offer value.

4. Be organized.  Losing a customer’s information may mean the loss of a sale. Organize your records, contacts, contracts, customers, scripts and other information. Not being able to find information that is requested by a customer quickly just looks bad.

5. Manage your time.  Just like you need to organize your tools you also need to organize your time. If you don’t organize your time you may be wasting time during good working hours and working during good family, or “me time”. You need both.

6. Look into tax benefits.  As a home business owner, you may be able to take advantage of tax deductions, if you use your office and certain electronics exclusively for business.

7. Utilize social media.  You should start building your email list immediately but don’t forget that if cultivated properly your social media accounts are also lists of potential customers.

8. Personal development.  Make sure you are working on yourself constantly. One of the quickest ways to do this is to read books from success people that are where you want to be. Click here for some suggestions.

9. Hire a helper.  Once your business size warrants it, get an assistant. This will take some of the load off of your shoulders so that you can focus on building new business.

10. No negativity.  Push yourself, but do not be too hard on yourself. If you are watching successful people online and wondering why you don’t have the same success that they have, remember that you have no idea how they got where they are or how long it took. Those that are really successful almost always had to go through many trials to get where they are.

That’s it. These are actually very simple tips that you can implement today to make your life in your home based business easier.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if you have topics that you would like me to cover. Have an amazingly successful week!


Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” ~ Jim Rohn

Work at Home Mom-Unlimited Opportunity

Are you work at home mom?

work at home momYou used to be fairly limited by what exactly you could do from home. Work at home mom… this has a whole new meaning. Thanks to network marketing we have an abundance of moms running virtual empires these days with all sorts of products and services. However, it has always been an industry dominated by woman it has seen a dramatic increase in men joining for just that reason.  The potential is unlimited! It used to be the only options were pretty much vitamins, jewelry and household products. Now you can find a network marketing business in just about every niche, from all the familiar products to waist shapers, travel, candles, aroma therapy, Forex and even feminine products!

So whether you are a work at home mom or dad, there is clearly something for everyone.  People are retiring their spouses, taking the trips they never imagined they could take, eating in the restaurants they previously could not afford. All because they took a chance on this thriving industry of industries.

Pyramid Scheme?

MLM is often still mistakenly referred to a pyramid schemes or scam. Did you know that the industry is heavily regulated? Not to say there are no scams out there, but if you do your due diligence and research a work at home dadbit, you will find that these companies are real and people are making real money. Did you know that one of the oldest has been around for almost 60 years? That’s longer than most other types of businesses!

As for the pyramid, where do you work? Think about it. Is there an owner? Are there managers, supervisors and different levels of workers? Will you ever make as much as the owner of the company? Not likely if the company is doing well. How about the managers and supervisors? Generally you could, if you worked hard and became one yourself. MLM is structured the same way. If you work hard and take your business seriously, you can work your way up the ladder of network marketing success and often you have the ability to surpass the people above you, financially if you really want to. In most network marketing companies you, as a work at home mom, are limited by you and you alone.


No it’s a business. Look at the image on the right. It is structured like this because those who work harder on a concept that sells get paid more. That is just the ownership structure, the business model is going to be about the same. The idea/know how guy is usually first. It’s his idea right? No one would make money if he did not have the idea or the vision to pull it off. Whether he created it or he had the vision and made it happen, he is the main man and usually at the top. Then you usually have the trusted advisers. People the guy on top knows, or at least believes, are going to make this company a success and a successful company is good for everyone.facebook

But guess what? In network marketing the company structure is present but there is another structure as well. The part that you are a part of. The part that can actually have you earning an unbelievable income and you were not hand picked. You get to decide when to jump in and where you are going to be on that ladder. Sometimes you get a little lucky on top of that, but mostly it takes hard work, accountability, learning, vision and more hard work.

Social Media brings prospects upfront and center

Speaking of Facebook, with everyone on some sort of social media or another and having their cell phones with them everywhere, you are literally a click away from your perfect prospects. Almost everyone is in your market now, depending of course on what you decide to promote. Many people are actually in multiple businesses because they can be. They have the time to do it and they have customer reach like never before. Which brings in multiple streams of income for them. Just because you have easy access to them does not mean they will buy from you. You want to think about what type of business you want to promote, what gets you excited? What is going to make you wake up in the morning and be enthusiastic to get your day going? Having the passion will make you do what you need to do every single day.

As a new work at home mom, find your niche and dig in. Learn everything you can but don’t wait to start building! You don’t need to know everything about your business  to create something amazing! Constant personal development is a must. Read the books of successful entrepreneurs. Keep your head in the right place. Success can come to everyone, but not everyone will reach far enough out there to receive it.

For some ideas on what to read where you can even download some of my favorites for free visit:


Building Momentum- Getting Your Momentum Back

When you first begin your business you are full of optimistic potential, momentum is high. Building momentum comes pretty easily, it’s really just there. That energy is created naturally with your enthusiasm. It’s new, it’s exciting. The potential seems limitless. So you are doing the deeds, working hard, prospecting, talking to people and getting them excited.

raising your momentum

As time goes on you can lose that momentum. You can begin to lose that excitement and eventually you may lose interest. There are many reasons that can happen, team members change, company changes, and especially personal issues and family problems.

Loss in momentum happens to most everyone at some point or even multiple points in their business but getting it back is the key.

Raising the momentum in your business will have a major effect on how well you do. Keeping the momentum up is even more important, but if you have lost momentum you can get it back. Momentum is created with energy

The easiest way to get back your momentum is to take action and lots of it. Taking action starts to create enthusiasm, first in you, then it will spread to those around you. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Create enthusiasm in yourself and it will rub off on those you talk to. If you are having trouble doing that. Go back and ask yourself the following questions.

1. Why did you start your business?

2. What goals did you want to accomplish?

3. Is it still possible to achieve these goals?

The answer is likely to be yes to all these questions.

So what has really changed? Not the business, not the opportunity, definitely not the potential. What has changed is your perspective. A really great way to get your perspective back in line and to build up your enthusiasm is to read books that help create excitement for what you are trying to accomplish. There are so many. A few of my favorites including some that are downloadable can be found at

You can also watch videos specifically created to help you build your business. When you watch these videos they give you back that sense of “I can do this” They show you people who have done it. People like Anthony Robbins, Eric Worre, Bob Proctor, and many othersBuilding momentum have many videos on Youtube. They’re free and they are a great way to start to get your enthusiasm back.

These books and motivational videos can help get you in the proper mindset. Bring your vision back into perspective. So that you can get to building momentum for your business again. They show you ordinary people just like you, doing extraordinary things. This is not a false sense of power. The power is real. The power is in you. You just have to do things that remind you of that each and every day. It may be a bit hard at first but keep it up every day. If you have others that will join you in building momentum, even better. Teamwork really can make the dream work. When you are accountable to each other and you are each committed success is almost guaranteed.

Keep building your own inner momentum and you will start to see it in others. Other people will start to feel that momentum. Feel the power and you will see the results in your business and in the businesses of those you are working with. Action begets enthusiasm, enthusiasm is contagious and this a creates momentum, the kind of momentum that you can ride all the way to the bank.

Building Momentum in your business takes time and effort but success always does.

Social Media Marketing-The 5 Stages As A Newby

There are really more than 5 stages of social media marketing and every one is different, but I wanted to get down to basics, and what I am actually talking about is more about a mindset and the stages many of us go through as we grow.

social media marketing focusSome people skip the stages completely some people come in at different stages and skip others. Now there are also those who just have it down from the get go and others that try to spam their way through and wonder why nothing is working. This is for the average Joe and will probably be where most of us fit in. Even if you have been marketing for some time, you probably passed through these stages at one time.

1.  STAGE 1

This is the stage where you have started a business, you have no idea what to do and so you waste a whole lot of time doing busy work. Preparing, planning and getting posts ready. They are telling to talk to people but you are mostly getting distracted by other people’s posts. You may make a comment here and there and get into a chat with a few people which usually ends up dropping off because your not sure what to say to make the conversation flow. The day seems to fly by.


Your getting better, posting better content to your pages. Posting ads to some of the groups and then you wait. You get some responses and you reply. Still a lot of busy work. Action but definitely not massive action. You’re still using mainly the chat to talk to prospects. You step up your actions, but the results are still poor. You are starting to understand social media marketing better. You also realize your friends list is your main audience and yours if looking a bit thin so you start to add more friends.

social media marketing


Your friends list is growing nicely and you know that you need to start building a rapport with people but until now you have not really done much of it due to fear. So you start to push yourself and you start talking to a few more people that you have never talked to before. Posting more comments on their posts. Getting a bit more active in the groups.  Things are coming together you start thinking about this FB live stuff. You are beginning to understand what massive action really means but probably still not doing it. You begin to utilize FB voice recorder and FB calls to talk to prospects. It’s getting easier though.


You start to get really active and you actually start to have fun talking to people. People are actively liking and commenting on your posts now. You don’t worry so much about those that respond negatively and it rarely happens anyways. Your friends list and therefore, your audience, is growing nicely. More people are asking about your business and group ads. You are posting helpful videos and things to help others who also market online or tips about how to navigate around the platform. You are now helping other people who are where you were at Stage 1.

social media marketing


People see you as a leader. They are asking for help in areas you seem knowledgeable in. They are also asking what you do without being prompted by an ad. You’re building your team and teaching them to do what you are doing. Now you are proactive, not just reactive. You keep up the pace but tweak it as you see fit and notice you now have even more free time than when you were less productive. You have a system and it’s working! You are a social media marketing master!

I would suggest is that you try to skip past Stage 1 and start working at Stage 2. Adding friends, chatting and posting better content. The most important thing is to be consistent in your efforts and actions. Be honest with yourself about how much work you really are doing. Find an accountability partner so that you both can encourage each other into action. The key to social media marketing is in the name be “social”.

15 Ways To Bring Joy Back To Your Business


home business joy

Owning your own home business can be fun and exciting but it also can be draining. If you work from home, especially if you are new, you may find that you are so busy you forget to just be.  You forget to do the things you love that don’t involve your computer/business. You forget to eat sometimes and other times all you want to do is eat.

If you are not careful you will forget why you wanted to own a home business in the first place and it becomes more of a chore and less fun and you may feel you have less freedom than when you started. Below are a few ideas to help you bring the joy back into your work from home life.

1. Stop working Sounds easy doesn’t it, even obvious, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes you may find it hard to tear yourself away for a little while even  when what you’re doing is not as productive as you would like it to be and often that is why you can’t, but should, get away for a bit. You feel guilty when your not working because when you are you’re often distracted. So stop and go watch a movie with your family, go grab some dinner out with friends.

2. Read- You may be a leader or mentor but don’t forget you will always be a student. If you’re not constantly adding to the knowledge you have your mind will become stagnant. As humans we have a natural hunger to be more, to do more and to know more. The more you know the more you grow.

3.  Change your perception- In my opinion perception one of the most important things to work on. How you look at a situation determines exactly what you are going to do to grow it, live with it or get rid of it. If you look at your current situation and think you’re going to fail, you are much more likely to do so. If you look at the same situation but immediately decide you will overcome and persevere you will consciously and subconsciously do everything that is needed to succeed instead. You will find a way.  

4. Create a goal list- Create a list of daily goals and a list of long-term goals and look at these every day! Keep your mind focused on where you want to be in a positive way, focused and determined. As you tick off these goals you will feel a real sense of accomplishment that will keep you excited about your home business and growing.

5. Meditate- Meditation calms the mind and helps keep things in proper perspective and people often report getting some of their best ideas during meditation.

6. Do something you love- Do you love to golf, hit the beach, arts an crafts? Take some time to do it. If you keep skipping the things you love, you may become subconsciously bitter. If you do those things from time to time, you will feel better about what you are doing

7. Take a vacation- If you really want to refresh your mind and body, take some time to go out and visit your favorite vacation spots. Go camping or to the beach or any other favorite you have. You will come back refreshed and ready to roll.

8. Step outside- Just for a few minutes, notice the colors of the flowers, the sky and the trees. Listen to the sounds of traffic, crickets, and people laughing. some home business owners rarely get outside for any real period of time and I am not talking about the grocery store! Smile  Work from someplace else! You have a mobile business now.

9. Help someone else- One of the fastest ways to feel joy is to help someone else, just to help them. No gain, no accolades. There is just some naturally human about the happiness we feel when we can help someone else out and surprisingly enough this feeling still exists when you help someone you are not so fond of. So in the meantime you may repair old bitter feelings on both sides!

10. Get together with people who share your vision- There is nothing as motivating as being around people with the same or similar vision that you have. You motivate each other and become accountable to the group. Becoming accountable to someone (just like in a J.O.B. you are accountable to your boss), makes you get more done.

11. Conquer a fear- What are you afraid of? Not the big things, the little things.  Are you afraid to start up new conversations with strangers on Facebook so you wait for people to come to you? Are you afraid to do video because you might say the wrong things. Maybe you’re afraid to start a blog because you have no idea what to say. Take one of your fears and go do it then do it again and again. You will conquer that fear. You are likely even to become really good at it.

12. Exercise- This one is more for me but I am sure some of ya’ll can relate. Exercise makes you feel good. your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, happy happy, joy, joy! So it’s hard to start but once you get in the habit it will be hard to stop. I have even noticed a reduction in sinus problems when I exercise.

13. Rededicate yourself to your home business- if you have lost your drive a bit, remember why you are doing this. Remember your vision and where you want to be, what you want to teach your children and that God made you special. He made you to make a difference! Take out those goals and study them. You can even meditate on them.

14. Forgive yourself daily- Many people carry around a lot of guilt and that guilt will do a lot to the psyche. It can actually stop you from doing the things you need to do to be successful. It can cause you to sabotage your own actions. If you have done what you need to do, apologized or asked for forgiveness from wherever that guilt is coming from it is helping no one to continue to feel guilty so forgive yourself so that you can move on.

15. Forgive others- This is a big one and can be hard to do. Your bitter feelings whether they are validated or not, do nothing to help you in your life and they usually do not hurt the person you are angry at. They can be detrimental even. Let go of the ego and let go of the anger. Forgive others because even when you are not thinking about it not forgiving can be robbing you of your joy.

This is just a small list of things you can do to bring joy back to you and your home business. You probably have some of your own ideas that will help to do this in your own life. Use those. Life is short. Your home business is your dream, you can and should make it happen.


10 Success Tips For Your Home Business

It is a new year and you have made a promise to yourself that it will also be a new you! Gone is the procrastinator, the indecisiveness, the bad attitude, the weight and/or the (fill in the blank). This is YOUR year. This can be the best year of your life! You just have to do it and here are some success tips to help you.

It does not matter what “it” is, you can do it. If “it” is a home based business then you will find some awesome tips to help keep you on track and successful in 2017!  

Success Tips

home business1. Set aside a specific place exclusively for work- That does not mean you cannot work from anywhere else but this will help keep you focused and away from distractions. It’s your home business and you can actually deduct certain aspects from your taxes if you have a separate area you work out of most of the time. 


2. Create long term and short term goals- Long term goals are those goals that help you see where you want to be in the future. What you want to have completed in 1, 5, 10, even 20 years from now. The short term goals are the easier to reach goals that a. keep you on track b. keep you motivated and c. are the stepping stones to the long-term goals. 


3. Create a daily work schedule- Creating a schedule will keep you on track with the tasks you know you need to do because you can check or cross off items as you complete them. This keeps you on track and gives you that sense of accomplishment you need to keep yourself going.


4. Increase your tech skills- Outsourcing is good when the job takes too much time, but when you can do the simple things yourself, it will actually save you a lot of time, and money, waiting for someone else to do them for you.


5. Be Extroverted- If you work remotely, you already know you need to step it up and talk to your potential customers. Even if you are doing it you probably need to increase your efforts in this area.

Success Can Be Yours

6. Commit- If you have a team, participate, if there are meetings, attend them (live or otherwise), if there is training, do it.success tips If you don’t commit, success is unlikely. If there are steps that your team is taking to prepare, plan or build their business and you have not done them yet then  you are not committed. One of the 1st reasons a person will fail at their business is that they are not committed to making it work and most often they don’t even know it. Commit to succeed.


7. Know that you will succeed- If you are only hoping, then you need to have more faith in your abilities. Everyone can succeed. If you are not seeing it then you probably need to be doing more. If you are already doing too much and it’s driving you crazy you’re probably a bit off track. You need to be doing more of the right things. Reading motivational books can help. Visit for some ideas and more success tips.


8. Network- Make friends everywhere you go. The more friends you make, the more you have, the larger your audience. If you promote on social media the people that follow you are the main people that see your posts. When you “friend” someone and they accept, Facebook is set up so that they automatically follow you and your posts. So you have a built in prospect list as you “friend” others.

Change Your Mind Change Your Mindset

9. Create a new zero level of activity- This is not mine, but I loved it when I heard it. Sometimes we don’t feel like working. some days you may just want to hide under covers.  On those days use a zero level list. Create a list of things you will do no matter what. Never settle for doing nothing because you just don’t feel like it. It could be a blog, vlog, Facebook ads or a live video. Make a list of 5 things that are easy for you to do but that will help to keep your business and you on track.


10focus on success tips. Focus on the prize- Which is success in your own business, freedom, money to pay your bills and live the lifestyle you want to live, as well as the ability to help others in many different ways. Most people would love to help others but they are always chasing their own tail to catch up themselves. You don’t have to be that person if you stay focused and stay active. Keep moving forward.


Jim Rohn said “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day” and it is so true. So you want to get focused, get committed and get busy and stay that way consistently.

If you want to be successful you should always be on the lookout for success tips online. There is a plethora of information and helpful people online. Never stop learning, whether you are looking for success tips or giving them out. There is something to learn from just about everyone you come into contact with. Keep your focus and your eyes wide open!




Business Phone Number- Using Google Voice

Looking for a business phone number then a Google Voice may be perfect for you. It gives you a phone number that you can use to basically mask your cell or home phone number. This is a great option for a small business or home business. I like it because if you ever have a problem with spammers calling you and it gets out of hand, you can simply change your Google Voice number and keep your cell, business or landline number because no one ever had it. Privacy is another reason. Some people don’t want their main phone numbers all over the internet, so this is perfect.

For a small business it is a quick and easy way to set up a professional line with voicemail without all the fees and costs normally associated with a business phone system. If you need a lot of features this is not for you, but if you what you need is a simple secondary number for your small business without giving out your home or cell number this is perfect.

It’s a basic solution to solve a very basic problem. The features that are included are as follows.


  • Voicemail transcription
  • One number
  • Personalized greetings
  • International calling
  • SMS to email
  • Share voicemails
  • Block callers
  • Screen callers
  • Mobile app
  • Conference calls
  • Number Porting
 If you are like a lot of people and have been afraid to add your phone number to your webpages this is the perfect solution for you.  It’s free to use, easy to set up, easy to change. Once you set up your new business phone number you can then set up your own voicemail.

It is really easy to set up and in the following video I show you exactly how to do that. You need a Gmail account. I think most people have one, but if you do not they are really easy to set up. Just go to and follow the steps to create one then watch the video



Video Marketing-How To Add Video To Your Pages

By now you have probably heard it a million times, video marketing video marketingis the wave of the future. If you are online you should be making some type of videos. You can give tips, talk about your business, tell a funny story, do a Q & A on your products or business, or even teach something. No matter where you are in marketing it is likely that you have something to offer. For every experienced marketer there are many more just starting out every day. Video Marketing will get you more exposure because people love video.


Video marketing provides the vehicle to get your message out there.

A lot of you may not believe you have anything to teach a new person but you do. There was a time when you were brand new. You did not know how to blog, or post images, or write content and maybe you are still learning. There are plenty of people just starting in their business that don’t know how to copy and paste. If you are excited about your products, talk about them. If you have results from your weight loss shakes or you learned something from another marketer and you found value in it, it is likely someone else will as well. Get on a video and tell people that you just heard about an awesome way to do something that you did not know how to do before, then show them how to do it in your video.

So once you shoot your video you need an easy way to add video to your pages? Here is a short video that helps you do just that. You will learn how to not only add video but utilize some basic customization features that Youtube offers. This video is a great example of something that a more experienced marketer already knows but it will bring value to someone who is just starting out.



How To Change The Header To Add An Image In Blogger

If you have WordPress blog you are probably familiar with how customizable it is but when working with Blogger, you may not know that you can customize the templates and headers to suit your needs. I have listed the instructions below. If you need help with WordPress let me know.

Before you change the code make sure to back up the current template in case you accidentally do something wrong then you can upload the backed up template easily. Do this, especially is you are new to code.

Click Backup/Remove



Then click Download and save the file where can find it if needed. That’s it. You don’t need to upload it again unless you make a mistake.


This is not difficult if you take it step by step.

Step 1. Log in to your blogger account and this will take you to the dashboard.
Step 2. Click on the blog that you want to edit


Step 3. Click on Template then you can edit or change the template from here.










Step 4. Click on Edit HTML








Step 5. Click anywhere in the box and hit the control (ctrl) and the F key at the same time to open a search box within the code. Make sure you do not delete anything and only open a box like you see below.







Step 6. Search for the following term:

<b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets=’1′ showaddelement=’no’>

This code tells your blog how many widgets you can add and the default is ‘1’. Change this to add more widgets like a header image. You can start with 2 or 3 you don’t want to go crazy. Next, you want to change the ‘no’ to ‘yes’.

In order for this to work you will probably also have to locate the code that looks like:

<b:widget id=’Header1′ locked=’true’ title=’Header (Header)’ type=’Header’/>

and change the locked attribute from ‘true’ to ‘false’. That should do it. Save the template and go to the layout tab.

You can remove and replace the  current header or rearrange them there if you like.