You may have heard a lot of talk about backlinks and how you have to get them to your site. How do you get backlinks? Ideally, you want to create a website with good content and lots of relevant information to the keywords your using. Using the right SEO tactics your site will be picked up by Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search sites and people will read your pages.

When they visit your pages, the goal is that they love your site and link back to your information for others to see and more people will do the same. These links are called backlinks. When the search sites see backlinks to your site all over the internet they will consider your site important, and this, along with the other SEO techniques you have put into place will cause them to give you higher listings in the search engines.

This is great right? Sometimes, though, you have to help the backlink process along using SEO techniques. You need to go out and get more exposure for your sites your self otherwise the process could take years. So, how do you get good backlinks?

There two types of links and many ways to accomplish both. One of these is called reciprocal backlinks. This is an agreement, in a sense, between your site and another’s site. You display their link on your site and they will return the favor. You both then get backlinks to your own sites. These links have very little value these days. There are also variations in the types of sites you can do this with and how, but for now, we will leave it at that for reciprocal links.

The other types I want to talk about and a much savvier SEO backlink is a one-way backlink. This is where you have a backlink on a site pointing to your site but you don’t have a return link pointing to their site. One way backlinks are much more valuable and there are many ways to accomplish this so this is the option I use.

High-quality backlinks

Are there differences in the types of links? Yes, previously most links offered value but that has changed quite a bit over the years as the search engines have gotten really good at weeding out bad links. High-Quality links are links you get from authority sites that are relevant or similar to what your promoting. Educational sites, medical sites and many of those sites that you see at the top of the search engines for those tough keywords are authority sites. These links are like gold. The spiders can recognize this and in turn, with enough of these, you are much more likely to get a higher ranking yourself.

Low-quality backlinks

Low-quality backlinks are easier to get. They are links from sites that have no real authority. These are not as popular and therefore more likely to allow you to add your link to their site. Most people agree these have very little value. Too many of the wrong types of links can actually hurt you. The more people that visit your site and stay on your site the better. So social media offers one-way backlinks that can bring traffic to your sites. They all add value to your site as long as the sites they come from offer value.  Just try to make sure they are pretty relevant to what you do.

There are definitely techniques to avoid so you have to be careful, you would not want to ruin all the effort you have put forth for one lousy backlink.



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